National Mandate Group

We, the National Mandate Group, are a group of nationalistic, patriotic and concerned Nigerians from across all ethnic nationalities and diverse political, social, economic, professional and religious divides. We are united by our firm belief that the unity, peace and progress of Nigeria are non-negotiable and by our unflinching support for the enthronement of true democratic value, transformation of our national economy and socio-political landscape.
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a credible national platform for the total and comprehensive mobilization of popular support through the aggressive engagement of our citizens that will culminate into a comprehensive action plan towards a national rebirth.

Our Vision

The vision of the National Mandate Group is to amplify, reinforce and strengthen the unity and progress of the federal republic of Nigeria, by engaging in the national discourse that will help in deepening internal democracy and good governance through all-inclusive mobilisation and support for the enthronement of good governance at all levels.


Committed to a better Nigeria

"Our most valuable resource is not our oil; it is our people. All of our people."

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar


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